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NOGUCHI Ujyou – 野口雨情

NOGUCHI Ujyou (1882-1945) was a renowned Japanese poet known for his contributions to children's songs. Despite personal and financial hardships, he created timeless works such as "Jūgoya Otsukisan," "Nanatsu no Ko," and "Shabon dama." His gentle language and emotional depth capture the beauty in everyday life, making his songs cherished pieces of Japan's cultural heritage.

KITAHARA Hakusyuu – 北原白秋

KITAHARA Hakushuu (1885-1942) was a Japanese poet and literary critic who played a key role in the Romantic movement of Japanese poetry. His works are known for their lyrical beauty and emotional depth.

Haru ga kita

"Haru ga kita, haru ga kita, doko ni kita" Discover good old-fashioned Japan through lyrics and images: Roman readings, English translations, and reflections. Take a cultural journey through the melodies of "Doyo Shoka" (Children's Songs).