Aka tombo


Aka tombo

Yuuyake koyake no aka tombo
Oware te mitano wa itsu no hi ka

Yama no hatake no kuwa no mi wo
Kokago ni tsunda wa maboroshi ka

Jyuugo de neeya wa yome ni yuki
Osato no tayori mo taehateta

Yuuyake koyake no aka tombo
Tomatte iruyo sao no saki


Red dragonfly

Red dragonfly with sunset, it’s small sunset
How old was it when I was young and looked back on the back?

The mulberry that grew in the mountain field,
Was the day when I picked it up in a small basket on my back was an illusion?

At the age of 15, my sister went to her bride
And the news from our home was cut off.

Red dragonfly with sunset, it’s small sunset
It stops at the end of the fence.




“Aka tombo” is a beautiful song that sang the early to mid autumn of Japanese Yamazato.


“Aka” means red,“Tombo” means dragonfly.


“Red dragonfly” is written in kanji like this.


At that time, “Yamazato” means mountain village in Japan was very poor.


Probably, there was a meaning of “Kuchiberashi”…is reducing the mouths to feed, the number of daughters who were younger than adults.


As a result, communication with my hometown was often lost.


The song that entrusts such loneliness to “Aka Tombo” can be said to represent Japan.


“Aka tombo” won the first place in the “Japan song / hometown song of your choice” conducted by NHK through a nationwide questionnaire conducted by the NHK National Executive Committee.


The “Aka tombo” monument is found all over Japan and you can see its popularity.
The monument shown on this map below is one of them.


in 1927