Yuuyake koyake


Yuuyake koyake

Yuuyake koyake de higa kure te
Yama no otera no kane ga naru
Otete tsunaide mina kaero
Karasu to issyo ni kaerimasho

Kodomo ga kaetta atokara wa
Marui ookina otsukisama
kotori ga yume wo miru koro wa
Sora niwa kirakira kin no hoshi


Sunset, little sunset

Here coming the sunset, little sunset
The bell of the mountain temple has just started to ring.
Let’s go home hand in hand;everyone,let’s go home.
Crows join us in going home,flying in the sky.

All the children went home after playing a lot.
And the huge,round moon came up,so dazzling.
When pretty birds have a dream at their cozy home,
Golden stars are all out,twinkling in the sky.




“Yuuyake koyake” is also known as a time-reporting music.


Even today, this song is widely used in Japan as an alert that tells children when to go home.


The origin of this song has not been revealed, but many song monuments have been left in various parts of Japan, as well as the land associated with the lyricist and composer.


Words : NAKAMURA,Ukou
Music : KUSAKAWA,Shin
in 1923


A monument built on the birthplace of lyricist NAKAMURA,Ukou