Nanatsu no ko


Nanatsu no ko

Karasu naze nakuno
Karasu wa yama ni
Kawaii nanatsu no
Ko ga aru karayo

Kawaii, Kawaii to
Karasu wa naku no
Kawaii, Kawaii to
Naku n dayo

Yama no furusu e
Itte mite goran
Marui me o shita
Iiko dayo


Seven children

Why is the crow ringing?
Because crows are waiting for
seven cute children in the mountains.

Crows sound “cute” and “cute”.
It sounds “cute” “cute” over and over again.

Let’s go to the old nest in the mountain.
Cute kids with round eyes.




“Nanatsu no ko” is one of the most familiar nursery rhymes in Japan.

It is also well-known as music played by local governments to encourage children playing outside to go home.

The original Japanese title was “Seven Children”, and there was a debate whether this was “Seven Children” or “Seven-year-old Children”.

The seven-year-old must have already become an adult bird as a crow, and the theory that it is seven children seems to be influential.

in 1921