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About 4.5 hours by train from Tokyo Station


Nanatsu no ko – 七つの子

"Karasu naze nakuno" - Enjoy the heartfelt song 'Nanatsu no Ko'. Learn its lyrics, Roman readings, and English translations, about a mother's love for her seven children.

Ringo no hitorigoto – りんごのひとりごと

"Watashi wa makka na ringo desu" - It's a cute tune, but if you know the historical background... enjoy "Ringo no Hitori Goto". See the lyrics, romanization, and English translation of "Ringo no Hitori Goto".
Other Specials


"Usagi oishi kano yama" Discover good old-fashioned Japan through lyrics and images: Roman readings, English translations, and reflections. Take a cultural journey through the melodies of "Doyo Shoka" (Children's Songs).