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Fukushima Prefecture is a prefecture in Tohoku that faces the Pacific Ocean on the east side.
In the central part of the prefecture, there are the Abukuma Highlands and the Oou Mountains in the north and south, which are divided into three areas: Nakadori, Aizu, and Hamadori.
It is a popular hot spring resort in a rustic environment and is famous for its crops.


Umi -海 (Umi wa hiroi na)

"Umi wa hiroi na, ookii na Tsuki ga noboru shi, hi ga shizumu" Explore the vastness of the sea with the song 'Umi' (Umi wa Hiroi na). Learn its lyrics, Roman readings, and English translations, celebrating the expanse of the ocean.

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Across the Seasons

Kisha – 汽車

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