Fukushima Prefecture is a prefecture in Tohoku that faces the Pacific Ocean on the east side.
In the central part of the prefecture, there are the Abukuma Highlands and the Oou Mountains in the north and south, which are divided into three areas: Nakadori, Aizu, and Hamadori.
It is a popular hot spring resort in a rustic environment and is famous for its crops.

Early Autumn Songs

Tombo no megane

The song “Glasses of Dragonfly” sings a child's question about what the big eyes of a dragonfly flying in early autumn in Japan are watching.
Other Specials


"Kisha" is a song that sang the joy of rail travel. The name “Kisha” now generally refers to a steam locomotive and is distinguished from “Densha”. I sing about the joy of changing the scenery of the train window, but now kids are crazy about the game and don't enjoy the scenery.