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Ima wa yamanaka, ima wa hama,
Ima wa tekkyo wataruzo to
Omou mamonaku tunnel no
Yami wo tootte hironohara

Tooku ni mieru mura no yane
Chikaku ni mieru machi no noki
Mori ya hayashi ya ta ya hatake
Ato e ato e to tonde yuku

Mawari dourou no e noyouni
Kawaru keshiki no omoshirosa
Mitorete soreto shiranuma ni
Hayaku mo sugiru ikusenri


Steam train

Now in the mountains, now on the beach,
Now I’m trying to cross the railway bridge
A tunnel appears shortly after I thought
It was a wide field after passing through the darkness

A village roof seen in the distance
Nearby town eaves
Forests, woods, rice fields and cultivated land
To the back, To the back, it flies like a fly.

Like a picture of a rotating lantern
The fun of changing scenery
I saw landscape that captured my eye
About million of miles have passed




“Kisha” is a song that sang the joy of rail travel.


The name “Kisha” now generally refers to a steam locomotive and is distinguished from “Densha”.


I sing about the joy of changing the scenery of the train window, but now kids are crazy about the game and don’t enjoy the scenery.


By the way, there are a lot of railway fans called “Tetsu-ota” in Japan, and there are a wide variety of people such as “Nori-tetsu” to enjoy riding, “Tori-tetsu” to enjoy taking pictures, or enjoy recording.


Hironomachi, Fukushima Prefecture has introduced it as a stage for the lyrics because there is a part called “Hiro no Hara” in the lyrics, but it seems that the general theory is that it only sings a wide field.


100 Best Japanese Songs.


Words : Unkown ( There is another theory )
Music : OOWADA,Aira ( There is another theory )