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Yashi no mi – 椰子の実

"Namo shiranu tooki shima yori" - Experience the tropical ambiance of 'Yashi no Mi'. Discover its lyrics, Roman readings, and English translations, reflecting on a palm fruit drifting ashore.
Across the Seasons

Fuji no yama – ふじの山

"Atama wo kumo no ue ni dashi" - Discover the iconic Japanese nursery rhyme "Fuji no yama". Explore its lyrics, Roman readings, and English translations. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of traditional Japanese music.
About Japan

100 Best Japanese Songs (Nihon no uta 100 sen)

In 2006, the Agency for Cultural Affairs of Japan and the National PTA Council of Japan selected 101 songs of lyrical and beloved genres, including nursery rhymes, school songs, and popular songs, with the aim of encouraging families to sing and pass them down through generations. On this website, we primarily introduce nursery rhymes and school songs with accompanying videos, explanations, and details about places associated with them, serving as hints for journeys.

Oshougatsu – お正月

Mou ikutsu neruto Oshougatsu" - Celebrate the New Year with 'Oshogatsu'. Discover its lyrics, Roman readings, and English translations, marking the Japanese New Year festivities.
Other Specials

Kisha poppo

"Kisha Kisha poppo poppo" Discover good old-fashioned Japan through lyrics and images: Roman readings, English translations, and reflections. Take a cultural journey through the melodies of "Doyo Shoka" (Children's Songs).