Taisho period(mid)

Early Autumn Songs


Yuuhi means sunset. "Ginging Gira Gira" is an onomatopoeia that expresses the sparkle of light. Especially in this song, it represents the strong glow of the sun just before sunset.
Mid Autumn Songs

Nanatsu no ko

“Nanatsu no ko” is one of the most familiar nursery rhymes in Japan. It is also well-known as music played by local governments to encourage children playing outside to go home.
Early Autumn Songs

Yuuyake koyake

“Yuuyake koyake” is also known as a time-reporting music. Even today, this song is widely used in Japan as an alert that tells children when to go home.
Early Autumn Songs

Jyuugoya otsukisan

"Juugoya" is said to be "the night to appreciate the harvest" in Japan, and there is a custom to celebrate while looking at the moon since ancient times. "Otsuki-san" is used when referring to the moon in a friendly way.