Taisho period(mid)

Mid Autumn Songs

Nanatsu no ko

“Nanatsu no ko” is one of the most familiar nursery rhymes in Japan. It is also well-known as music played by local governments to encourage children playing outside to go home.
Other Specials

Yuuyake koyake

Yuuyake koyake Yuuyake koyake de higa kure te Yama no otera no kane ga naru Otete tsunaide mina kaero Karasu t...
Early Autumn Songs

Jyuugoya otsukisan

“The Harvest Moon” is called “Jyuugoya” in Japan. “Jyuugoya” is a day to enjoy the autumn moon. However, the girl who is the Lord of the Song feels nostalgic to her deceased mother, who has fallen home, separated from her immediate family.