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Jyuugoya otsukisan


Jyuugoya otsukisan

Jyuugoya otsukisan gokigen san
Baaya wa oitoma torimashita

Jyuugoya otsukisan imouto wa
Inakae morarete yukimashita

Jyuugoya otsukisan kakasan ni
Moichido watashi wa aitaina


The Harvest Moon

the harvest moon, how about your?
The servant’s mother came out.

the harvest moon, My little sister was
trapped in the countryside.

the harvest moon, To my mom,
I want to see you again.




“Juugoya” is said to be “the night to appreciate the harvest” in Japan, and there is a custom to celebrate while looking at the moon since ancient times.

“Otsuki-san” is used when referring to the moon in a friendly way.


“Jyuugoya” is a custom of loving the full moon on August 15 of the old calendar and mid September in the new calendar.


In Japan, there has long been a custom of admiring the moon while eating dumplings to celebrate the harvest.


However, the girl who is the Lord of the Song
feels nostalgic to her deceased mother,
who has fallen home, separated from her immediate family.


words by NOGUCHI, Ujyou
music by MOTOORI, Nagayo
in 1920