100 Best Japanese Songs

Early Autumn Songs


Yuuhi means sunset. "Ginging Gira Gira" is an onomatopoeia that expresses the sparkle of light. Especially in this song, it represents the strong glow of the sun just before sunset.
Early Autumn Songs

Chiisai aki mitsuketa

The lyrics are written like an epic poem, but by stacking up the symbolically cut out fragments of the scenery, it becomes a beautiful lyric.
Mid Autumn Songs

Nanatsu no ko

“Nanatsu no ko” is one of the most familiar nursery rhymes in Japan. It is also well-known as music played by local governments to encourage children playing outside to go home.
Early Autumn Songs

Yuuyake koyake

“Yuuyake koyake” is also known as a time-reporting music. Even today, this song is widely used in Japan as an alert that tells children when to go home.
Mid Autumn Songs

Aka tombo

“Aka tombo” is a beautiful song that sang the early to mid autumn of Japanese Yamazato. “Aka” means red,“Tombo” means dragonfly.
Early Autumn Songs

Tombo no megane

The song “Glasses of Dragonfly” sings a child's question about what the big eyes of a dragonfly flying in early autumn in Japan are watching.
Late Summer Songs


“coconut”is Previously called “yashinomi” A poet who found a coconut on the beach, thought to have flowed from the southern island, sang it against her circumstances. It is a beautiful poem by "Japanese for literary arts" which is less used in Japan.
Mid Summer Songs

Ware wa umi no ko

“ware wa umi no ko” began to be sung at elementary schools in the Meiji period. In Japan, a maritime nation, it was sung to teach children the spirits of boys entering the sea, but after World War II, the second half was shaved by the GHQ. But the great melodies and lyrics are still impressive today.
Other Specials


“Furusato” is the most well-known and loved song in Japan. Dreaming of success, leaving the countryside of his homeland, singing about a young man who works hard in the city. The melody and poetry are even said to shake the hearts of those who do not understand Japanese.
Other Specials


"Kisha" is a song that sang the joy of rail travel. The name “Kisha” now generally refers to a steam locomotive and is distinguished from “Densha”. I sing about the joy of changing the scenery of the train window, but now kids are crazy about the game and don't enjoy the scenery.