Amefuri otsukisan


Amefuri otsukisan

Amefuri otsukisan kumo no kage
Oyome ni yuku tokya dare to yuku
Hitori de karakasa sashite yuku
Karakasa nai tokya dare to yuku
Shara shara shan shan suzu tsuketa
Ouma ni yurarete yurete yuku

Isoganya oumayo yoga akeyo
Tazuna no shitakara choi to mitarya
Osode de okao o kakushi teru
Osode wa nurete mo hosha kawaku
Amefuri otsukisan kumo no kage
Ouma ni yurarete yurete yuku


Moon on a rainy day

It’s raining and the moon is hiding in the shadow of the cloud
Who do you go with when you are married?
I will hold an umbrella by myself alone
Who do you go with when there is no umbrella?
A bell ringing with sharashala shanshan
I am swayed by such a horse

Horse, dawn, the night is over
I looked a little under the reins
Then She is hiding her face with her sleeves
Even if the sleeve gets wet, it will dry if it is held up to the sun
It rains and the moon is still a shadow of clouds
I am swayed by such a horse




“Amefuri otsukisan”is song of the rainy season called “Tsuyu” that Japan-specific climate around June to early july.


In Japan during the “Tsuyu” season, a small amount of rain often falls on a daily basis.


The girl who is the protagonist of this song is trying to marry herself alone in the rain without a second-hand man in order to marry a poor house in the mountains.


in 1925


▼OOTA Hiromi, one of Japan’s leading female singers, created this “douyo-shouka” album as a gift for her children.