Ware wa umi no ko


Ware wa umi no ko

Ware wa umi no ko, shiranami no
Sawagu isobe no matsubara ni
Kemuri tanabiku tomaya koso
Waga natsukashiki sumika nare

Umarete shio ni yuami shite
Nami wo komori no uta to kiki
Senri yosekuru umi no ki wo
Suite warabe to narini keri

Takaku hanatsuku isono ka ni
Fudan no hana no kaori ari
Nagisa no matsu ni fuku kaze wo
Imijiki gaku to warewa kiku


I am a child of the sea

I am a child of the sea,
In the pine forest on the side where white‐crested waves hit hard
The poor house where the smoke of cooking stands
It is my nostalgic house

I was born and washed my body in the sea water
The sound of the waves was a lullaby substitute
The power of the sea coming from the other side of a thousand miles
I spent my childhood while sucking in my heart

In the smell of a shore reef that stimulates the nose intensely
It smells like a flower that never dies
Wind blowing in the pine forest
I hear that it looks like a great music




“ware wa umi no ko” began to be sung at elementary schools in the Meiji period.


In Japan, a maritime nation, it was sung to teach children the spirits of boys entering the sea, but after World War II, the second half was shaved by the GHQ.


But the great melodies and lyrics are still impressive today.


100 Best Japanese Songs.


Words and Music unknown
in 1910

*The lyrics are said to be written by MIYAHARA,Shinichiro who was born and raised near Sakurajima in Kagoshima Prefecture.

桜島・錦江湾ジオパーク │活火山・桜島と、火山活動から生まれた海・錦江湾
鹿児島の桜島と錦江湾エリアの観光地、桜島・錦江湾ジオパークです。 火山と人と自然のつながりをテーマに海まで広がる活火山の営みと都市の共存を目指します。