Tanabata sama

hiroshi nomuraさんによる写真ACからの写真

Tanabata sama

Sasanoha sarasara nokibani yureru
Ohoshisama kirakira kingin sunago

Goshiki no tanzaku watashi ga kaita
Ohoshi sama kirakira sorakara miteru


Legend of the summer star

The leaves of the bamboo are soothing
Sway to the edge of the eaves
The stars are sparkling again and again
Gold and silver and their fine powder

Five colored strips
Besides that I wrote a wish
The stars are sparkling again and again
They are watching me from the sky




“Tanabata sama” is early summer event “tanabata” song.

Today, it is celebrated mainly on the night of July 7th.


Tanabata is written in Chinese characters as 7 evening.

It is a day famous for the romantic star story that Orihime and Hikoboshi who can not meet across the Milky Way can meet only once a year.


Even today, the Tanabata Festival is held throughout the country, and the ones from Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture are the most famous.


words by GONDOU,Hanayo
supplementary poetry by HAYASHI,Ryuha(credit~2044)
music by SHIMOFUSA,Kanichi
in 1941