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Kono michi – この道

Autumn mountain roads. Autumn

Kono michi

Kono michi wa itsuka kita michi
Aa, sou da yo
Akashiya no hana ga saiteru

Ano oka wa itsuka mita oka
Aa, sou da yo
Hora, shiroi tokeidai da yo

Kono michi wa itsuka kita michi
Aa, sou da yo
Okaasama to basha de itta yo

Ano kumo wa itsuka mita kumo
Aa, sou da yo
Sanzashi no eda mo tareteru

Lyricist:KITAHARA Hakushu
Composer:YAMADA Kousaku
in 1927

This road

This road is the one I once traveled
Ah, that’s right
Acacia flowers are blooming

That hill is the one I once saw
Ah, that’s right
Look, it’s the white clock tower

This road is the one I once traveled
Ah, that’s right
I went with Mother in a carriage

Those clouds are the ones I once saw
Ah, that’s right
Hawthorn branches are drooping



Kono michi” is one of the representative songs of Japanese douyo-shouka, with lyrical lyrics by KITAHARA_Hakushu and a beautiful melody by YAMADA_Kousaku.

The lyrics are sung in the first and second verses about Sapporo, Hokkaido, where KITAHARA_Hakushu visited on a trip, and in the third and fourth verses about his hometown, Yanagawa City, Kumamoto Prefecture. It is said that he was inspired by Sapporo, where he stopped over for four days on his way home from a “Karafuto sightseeing tour” organized by the Ministry of Railways at the time.


The lyrics, which trace the memories of his childhood, give the impression of a thin haze. The color of this song is “white,” and the flower sung as “Acacia” in the first verse is actually a locust tree, the former having yellow flowers and the latter white. And the white of the clock tower. The carriage in which he is said to have ridden with his mother may not have been white, but the image of his mother in his childhood may have been white. In the fourth verse, the clouds are white. The flowers of the three terns are also white.

The white world expressed in the lyrics

The composer, YAMADA_Kousaku, was very fond of this song,


Kono michi” is a song that reminds me of my childhood days. I couldn’t help but recall the nostalgic paths I used to stroll down with my mother’s warm hand pulling me along, and the faint feelings I had back then.


He says, “I couldn’t help but recall the faint feelings of those days.


However, even such a famous song has been dropped from music textbooks, and more and more children say they have never heard of it.


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