Sato no aki

Late Autumn Songs

Sato no aki

shizukana shizukana sato no aki
osedo ni kinomi no ochiru yo wa
a-a kaasan to tada futari
kuri no mi nite masu iroribata

akarui akarui hoshi no sora
naki naki yogamo no wataru yo wa
a-a tousan no ano egao
kuri no mi tabete wa omoidasu

sayonara sayonara yashi no shima
ofune ni yurarete kaerareru
a-a tousan yo gobujide to
konya mo kaasan to inorimasu


Autumn village

Quiet, quiet, Autumn village.
The night when plant fruits fall into the back door of the house
Oh-just two person with moms.
We are cooking boiled chestnuts. In the hearth.

Bright, bright, Starry sky.
The night when the wild duck flies while screaming,
Oh-I remember Dad’s smile
while eating boiled chestnuts.

Goodbye, goodbye, palm island.
Come home while being shaken by the ship.
Oh, dad, be safe,
I pray with my mom tonight.




“Sato no aki” is a father who went to war as a soldier,
This song is about a mother and a waiting child in a quiet house in a woodland close to the village (living area).


It is said that it was played on radio after the war and comforted the family actually waiting for demobilization.


It has been selected as one of “100 Best Japanese Songs”.





Saito Nobuo monument is erected in his hometown where Saito invented “Sato no aki”.

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