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Ski – スキー

A silvery white world in a blue sky. Nimbly sliding down the snowy slopes. Winter


Yamawa shirogane asahiwo abite
Suberu ski no kazekiru hayasa
Tobuwa koyukika maitasu kirika
Oh,oh,oh, konomimo kakeruyo kakeru

Maichi monjini miwo odorasete
“Saaa” to tobikosu hichou no tsubasa
Guun to semaruwa fumotoka tanika
Oh,oh,oh, tanoshiya shuren no tsubasa

Kazewo tsunzaki hidarie migie
Tobeba odoreba nagareru shamen
Sorawa midoriyo daichiwa shiroyo
Oh,oh,oh, ano oka manekuyo maneku

in 1943


The mountains are shining silver in the morning sun
I enjoy skiing is as fast as the wind
Is it powder snow or dancing mist that flies?
Oh,oh,oh, My body will run, run and run

I dance my body in a straight line
I fly over quickly like the wings of a flying bird
Is it the foothills or the valleys that come closer and closer
Oh,oh,oh, it’s fun, a skillful leap

Picking up the wind, to the left and to the right
Fly and dance on the flowing slope
The sky is green, the earth is white
Oh,oh,oh, that hill beckons, beckons and beckons



According to one theory, the history of skiing in Japan dates back to 1895, about 130 years ago, when Toshitane Matsukawa, an army soldier, brought back skis from Scandinavia.

Stone monument of skiing originated in Japan.jpg
長岡外史投稿者自身による著作物, CC 表示-継承 3.0, リンクによる

Since then, the number of skiers has gradually increased in Japan, as the country’s mountainous terrain and abundant snowfalls have made skiing a popular pastime in Japan.
sangakumap in japan

Especially during the bubble period in the 1980s, the number of skiers reached its peak, and there were frenzies such as two-hour lift waits at popular ski resorts.

Many ski resorts also have hot spring facilities, so after skiing, people can enjoy warming up in the hot springs and going out to the hot spring resorts at night.

There are many ski resorts in Hokkaido and Nagano Prefecture, where the Winter Olympics were held, as well as in the Tohoku and Jo-shinetsu regions, and they are bustling with activity.

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