Oboro zukiyo


Oboro zukiyo

Nanohana batake ni irihi usure
Miwatasu yamanoha kasumi fukashi
Harukaze soyofuku sora wo mireba
Yuuzuki kakarite nioi awashi

Satowa no hokage mo mori no iro mo
Tanaka no komichi wo tadoru hito mo
Kawazu no nakune mo kane no oto mo
Sanagara kasumeru oboro zukiyo


Hazy moon night

Sunset sunk in the field of rape blossoms
If you look over the mountain ridge,The heel is deep
Looking up at the sky where the spring breeze blows
The evening moon is pale and it is a wonderful view

The lights of the houses of the village and the deep green of the forest,
People who walk along the road in the rice fields,
The sound of frogs and the sound of temple bells,
It’s all gloomy, hazy moon night




“Oboro zukiyo” …
It is a moon that looks and hides in thin clouds in spring.

It is called “Oboro-zuki” and is an iconic Japanese tastefulness symbol.


Oboro means that the outline is not clear or ambiguous.

Zukiyo means moonlit night.


Even today, there are articles such as “Oboro Tofu” that make them understand.


It has been selected as one of “100 Best Japanese Songs”.


Words by TAKANO,Tatsuyuki
Music by OKANO,Teiichi