Cha tsumi

Late Spring Songs

Cha tsumi

natsu mo chikazuku hachijyu hachiya
no nimo yama nimo wakaba ga shigeru
areni mieru wa chatsumi jya naika
akane dasuki ni suge no kasa

hiyori tsuzuki no kyou konogoro wo
kokoro nodoka ni tsumitsutsu utau
tsumeyo tsume tsume tsumaneba naranu
tsumanya nihon no cha ni naranu


Tea leaf picking

88days when summer approaches from the day of spring
Young leaves grow in the fields and mountains
It may not be the tea leaf picking landscape that you see there
A scarlet string that makes the sleeves and a sedge hat

Good weather continues today these days
Sing along while feeling calmly
Let’s pick more and more, We have to pick it up
It will not be Japanese tea unless it is picked




“Cha tsumi” is famous Japanese song, from late spring to early summer.


Cha means Japanese Green Tea.


“hachijyu hachiya” refers to the 88th day from the beginning of spring comingday called “Risshun” when the weather is stable and tea picking is easy.


Shizuoka prefecture is famous as a production area of Japanese tea, but Yame in Fukuoka prefecture, Chiran in Kagoshima prefecture, and Sayama in Saitama prefecture near Tokyo are well known.


words & music unkown


Fujinokuni Tea Museum



This is the third most famous tea plantation in Japan, closest to Tokyo.


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