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Kyoto is the most famous tourist destination in Japan.
Until the capital moved to Tokyo after the Meiji era, there was a capital in Kyoto from Heiankyo in 794 until the end of the Edo period.
In 1994, shrines and temples in Kyoto, Uji and Otsu in Shiga Prefecture were registered as World Cultural Heritage.
Traditional crafts include Nishijinori, a woven fabric, and Shimizu Yaki, a pottery.


Natsu wa kinu – 夏は来ぬ

"Unohana no niou kakine ni" - Celebrate the arrival of summer with "Summer is Not Coming". Learn the lyrics, Roman readings, and English translations, and welcome the summer season with a melody that seems to point to light and prestigious ancient lyrics.

Momiji – 紅葉

"Aki no yuuhi ni teruyama momiji" - Enjoy the colorful "maple leaves" that color the autumn with emotional melodies. Let's learn the lyrics, Roman readings and English translations, and talk about autumn leaves.

Sakura sakura – さくらさくら

"Sakura sakura noyama mo sato mo" - Experience the iconic Japanese song 'Sakura Sakura', celebrating cherry blossoms. Explore its lyrics, Roman readings, and English translations.